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Townsend Security Closing - and Gratitude!

IMPORTANT: AWS customers of Alliance Key Manager

Post Quantum Cryptography - some pointers and some help

Your KMS as an early warning system

Blockchain, cryptocurrencies, IPFS and Web3



Verizon 2022 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR)

Your KMS as an Early Warning System for a cyber attack

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Ransomware evolution - “Devastating innovation”

Alliance Key Manager – No Log4Shell (Log4J) vulnerability

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The MSP Threat Report and Take-Aways

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Colonial Pipeline, ransomware and encryption – what to do right now

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Case Study: Concensus Technologies

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Why Do MSP Customers Want Encryption of Their VMs and vSAN? [Part 1 of 8]

On a Journey with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for a Better Encryption KMS Solution

Press Release: Townsend Security Announces True Usage-Based  Licensing for VMware Cloud Providers & MSPs

Encryption and Key Management for VMware Hosting Providers and MSPs

Encryption for VMware Hosting Providers and MSPs

State of Encryption Key Management

Data Security for Working Remotely - Needed Now More Than Ever

VMware Encryption for Data-at-Rest

Townsend Security Extends Free NFR Licenses for Key Management Server (KMS) to Microsoft MVPs and AWS Heroes

Enterprise Key Management System (KMS) vs Cloud Key Service (KMS, Key Vault)

Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition and TDE Encryption

Do You Have Encryption Key Management Server (KMS) Sticker Shock?

Microsoft SQL Server with Security Enclaves and Always Encrypted

Microsoft SQL Server Encryption in AWS - Without Cloud Lock-In

How MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption Works

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Lawsuits

AWS and Key Management and Pricing

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and Encryption Key Management

2019 SQL Server Encryption Survey

Townsend Security Provides NFR Licenses for Key Management Server (KMS) to VMware vExperts

Ransomware and Encryption - I Was Wrong

Alliance Key Manager Now Available for IBM Cloud for VMware

SQL Server Standard Edition & Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

vSAN Encryption: Locking Your vSAN Down (Part 2)

Securing FieldShield Encryption Keys with Alliance Key Manager

IRI FieldShield Supports Townsend Security’s Alliance Key Manager

Seamless Encryption Key Management for Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard

Living on the Edge

Press Release: Alliance Key Manager for Edge Computing

Press Release: Alliance Key Manager Now Supports Encryption Key Management for MySQL Enterprise Edition Database

vSphere Encryption—Creating a Unified Encryption Strategy (Part 1)

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) - Things You Need to Know

Saving Money with VMware vSAN Encryption

Don’t Let Your Application or Database Limit Your Encryption Strategy

Are Encryption and Key Management Critical to Blockchain and DLT?

2019 Encryption Key Management Survey Results

VMware vSAN Encryption for Compliance

MongoDB World 2019 Encryption Survey

Case Study: Indus Systems

VMWare and Encryption Key Management Failover

Encryption and Key Management - The SIX Mistakes that Startups and ISVs Make and How To Avoid Them

Townsend Security Announces Alliance Key Manager for VMware Cloud on AWS

RSA vs AES Encryption - A Primer

Encryption Service Performance with Alliance Key Manager

Don’t Forget About FIPS 140-2 and Other Fundamental Key Management Features

Townsend Security and Alliance Key Manager Achieves VMware Ready™ Status

2018 SQL Server Encryption Survey

Three Ways to Fast Track Your Encryption and Key Management Project

Scaling Encryption Key Management with MongoDB

PCI Cloud Computing Guidelines Bombshell - Where to Now?

Notice to Alliance Key Management users in AWS

VMware Encryption: Protecting Data in vSphere & vSAN

Townsend Security Extends Alliance Key Manager to Support vSphere Encryption of VM Images and vSAN

Key Management System (KMS) Licensing - There Has to Be a Better Way

Case Study: Lockr

Google Encryption Key Management

Encryption Key Management System vs Service: KMS Differences Explained

MongoDB Encryption Key Rotation

Customer Information: IBM i Security Products Acquired by Syncsort

SQL Server Always Encrypted vs Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

GDPR - Do I have to Use Encryption?

Top 3 Areas of Weakness when Undergoing a PCI Audit for the First Time

Migrating from Oracle to MongoDB with Data Security

High Availability Strategies for MongoDB Encryption Key Management

What Data Needs to Be Encrypted in MongoDB?

Press Release: Alliance Two Factor Authentication for IBM i Now Supports the New PCI Standard for 2FA with Authy

IBM i FieldPROC Encryption, IBM Query, and Encrypted Indexes

GDPR, Right of Erasure (Right to be Forgotten), and Encryption Key Management

Alliance Key Manager and Meltdown/Spectre

IBM i Customers Lag the Industry When It Comes to Encryption

Press Release: MongoDB, Townsend Security Announce Certified Encryption Key Management

Press Release: Alliance Two Factor Authentication Gets Twilio SMS Text Delivery

Case Study: The Seed Company

MongoDB San Francisco local conference a big success

Fundamentals of MongoDB Encryption Key Management

HIPAA and Encryption - What You Need to Know

Alliance LogAgent, ServiceNow and your IBM i

The TNT/FedEx NotPetya Breach and Why Old Style Backups are Back in Fashion

Alliance LogAgent for IBM i Integrates with ServiceNow

Introduction to Encrypting Data in MongoDB

Talking Drupal Security: Encryption, Key Management, & Defense in Depth

The Cloud and Encryption Key Custody

Drupal Encryption: Protecting Private Data

Identify Escalated Privilege Attacks on IBM i

Why Encryption is Critical to FinTech

IBM i Privileged Users – A Unique Security Challenge

Case Study: Plaza Premium Lounge

SQL Server TDE vs Cell-Level Encryption: A Brief Comparison

Banks & Financial Services: Meeting Data Security Compliance Requirements

Who owns my encryption key in the Amazon AWS cloud?

Financial Services and Creating a Security Strategy

Press Release: Townsend Security Secures Nonpublic Personal Information (NPI) for Financial Services and Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Encryption Requirements for Banks & Financial Services

Splunk, Alliance LogAgent, and the LEEF data format

Trying to Outfox the Other - A Brief Look at Cryptography and Cryptanalysis

Case Study: Citizens Security Life Insurance

A Brief History of KMIP

Hillary's email data breach taught us all the wrong lessons

SQL Server Column Level Encryption

Three Core Concepts from "Zero Trust" to Implement Today

The Future of Active Security Monitoring on the IBM i

Fixing the TDE Key Management Problem in Microsoft SQL Server

OpenSSH on the IBM i and Your Security

New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) and Encryption - 8 Things to Do Now

IBM i Security Architecture & Active Monitoring

Townsend Security Announces Major Update to Alliance LogAgent for IBM i

Dangers of Encryption on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries): Avoid These Pitfalls

IBM i Security Notification - OpenSSL and OpenVPN

IBM i Security: Auditing Privileged Users, Applications, and Database Files

New York Financial Regulations and the CISO. Oh My.

IBM i FieldProc Architecture and Implementation

New York, Financial Institutions, and IBM i Encryption

System Logging for the IBM i - A Must Have Security Control

The IBM i, OpenSSL and Security Patching

Creating the IBM Security Audit Journal QAUDJRN

IBM i Security: Event Logging & Active Monitoring

Privately Held Companies Think They Don’t Need to Worry About Security and Compliance

How Do I Find and Start Alliance Key Manager for Encryption Key Management in AWS?

Encrypted Indexes - Overcoming Limitation with FieldProc Encryption on the IBM i

How Do I Encrypt Data and Manage Encryption Keys Using Java in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

How Can I Manage and Monitor Alliance Key Manager in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

IBM i, PCI DSS 3.2, and Multi-Factor Authentication

How Can I Be Sure I Never Lose My Encryption Keys in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

Managed FTP Services on the IBM i – Look for These 8 Features

Who Has Access to My Encryption Keys in Amazon Web Services (AWS)?

IBM SoftLayer, VMware and Getting to the Secure Cloud

Encryption & Key Management for the IBM i

Encryption & Key Management for SQL Server

When Encrypting Databases, Does Key Connection for SQL Server Cache the Encryption Key?

Top 10 Signs Your Encryption Strategy May Have a Problem

IBM, Quantum Computing and Encryption

Phillip Rogaway Said Something Important

Encryption Performance on the IBM i

Secure and Managed FTP on the IBM i (AS400) Platform

Key Management: The Hardest Part of Encryption

Speaking Words of Wisdom, Let it Key

Encryption Key Management & Your IT Strategy

Ransomware and Why You Need Off-Site, Disconnected Backup

How Attorneys Think About Credit Card Data Breaches

Why You Should be Continuously Delivering Drupal Updates - All the Time

MongoDB and Encryption Key Management for Compliance

What Does the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Mean to You?

PCI DSS 3.2 and Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

Key Management Systems Integration & Management Remain a Challenge

Getting Funding for Your Security Project: A Guide for the CISO

2016 Encryption Key Management: Industry Trends & Perspectives

Linux and Encryption and Key Management! Oh My!

Does HIPAA Require Encryption of Patient Information (ePHI)?

Gnu Privacy Guard (GPG) and PGP Command Line Compatibility

The Dichotomy of Current IT Challenges Around Encryption

Encryption and Key Management for MySQL Developers

IBM System z Mainframe and Audit Logging

A Data-centric Approach to Securing Sensitive Data

The California Attorney General Just Changed How We Will Think About Data Security

Apple and the FBI - I'm with Tim Cook

Mainframe Myth-Busting: File Integrity Monitoring is Only for Windows/UNIX Security Systems

How System Logging and Snowstorms Can Provide Important Information

AES Encryption Performance on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries):

FAQ: IBM i System Logging for IBM Security QRadar

The Boyd Gaming Case Study of LogAgent for IBM QRadar

Congratulations on taking the first step with IBM QRadar!

IBM i Access for Windows 7.1 Security Update Announcement

To Key or Not to Key: That is the Question

Looking Back on 2015 Data Breaches

Fixing Encryption Key Management Audit Failures in Microsoft Windows C# Applications

Securing your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) - Webinar Q&A

State of Encryption Key Management

Monitoring IBM i Logs with IBM QRadar - Improve Your Security

How Does LogAgent Send Security Information? Is Information Batched?

How Much Disk Storage Does Alliance LogAgent Use?

EU Data Privacy, Safe Harbour and Encryption

Can I Encrypt Key Fields (Indexes) with IBM i FieldProc?

How Does Data Masking Work with FieldProc Automatic Encryption

How Does IBM i FieldProc Encryption Affect Performance?