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Some Common Questions and How to Get Started with the Townsend Security MSP Partner Program [Part 8 of 8]

Posted by Patrick Townsend on Nov 11, 2020 11:25:00 AM

Can I also resell Alliance Key Manager?

VMware Cloud Providers & MSPs - Win New Business Yes, you can operate as an MSP and also as a reseller partner for those customers who are not using your MSP services. Reselling Alliance Key Manager is governed by a different agreement. Contact us if you have a resale opportunity.

I need to have our legal team review your MSP agreements. How is this done?

Just contact us. We will send you a copy of the MSP license agreement for legal review. 

We would like to use a copy of the key manager for training and customer demos. How is this done?

We will gladly support your internal training and demo needs. We do this through special Not For Resale (NFR) licenses. All MSP and Reseller partners qualify for NFR licenses for our key manager. There is no charge for NFR licenses.

How do you handle special bids?

While we believe that the MSP program provides you with a lot of flexibility, we understand that special bids are sometimes needed. Contact us to discuss the special bid requirements. We work with our partners around special bids on a frequent basis.

Are volume discounts available?

Yes, if you have a very large number of VMs to encrypt and would like to pay in advance for those we have a discount program available. 

How can I get started?

This web page has information about our MSP partner program and a form to get started. Complete the form and we will get in touch with you:

You can also contact us by email and phone:

Phone: (360) 359-4400
International: +1 360 359 4400


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