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2016 Encryption Key Management: Industry Trends & Perspectives

Posted by Luke Probasco on Apr 8, 2016 8:58:00 AM

Excerpt from the eBook "2016 Encryption Key Management: Industry Perspectives and Trends."

Encryption Key Management Industry Perspectives and Trends eBookThe evolution of computing and delivery platforms continues at a rapid pace and this presents substantial challenges as organizations of all sizes attempt to deploy data protection strategies. Security professionals now know that Data Centric Data Protection, or encryption, is crucial to their security strategy. Deploying encryption means properly protecting encryption keys. This is the biggest challenge organizations will face with their encryption strategy. The large investment required to develop defensible key management implementations, the importance of key management to critical data infrastructure, the rush to cloud and hybrid implementation.

Encryption Finally Takes Off

Encryption of sensitive data, sometimes called Data Centric Data Protection, has not been a high priority in many organizations. Investments in security have focused on deploying endpoint protection such as anti-virus and data leak protection, active monitoring and alerting of system logs, and other security features. While encryption is a core security requirement, it has not had as much attention and many organizations are lagging in this key security control.

The large data breaches over the last two years and the resulting impacts on the executive teams, along with resulting brand damage, has changed all of that. Customers, employees and all other stakeholders expect the highest levels of executive management to be pro-actively involved in the protection of sensitive data. When CEOs lose their jobs over a data breach, the industry is poised for change. Encryption and data protection are now considered cornerstones of a company’s governance, risk management, and compliance regime. Failures in data protection are now perceived as failures at the highest levels of management. Additionally, the State of California’s recent guidance that a minimum reasonable level of security requires the full implementation of the CIS Critical Security Controls, will force organizations to fully adopt encryption protections. This is leading to a rapid re-focus of the security strategy on data protection with strong encryption and key management. This will continue in the months and years ahead.

Take Aways

  • Review your defense-in-depth security strategy and move quickly to protect sensitive data with strong encryption and key management.
  • Be sure your IT department has a clear inventory of sensitive data across all of you internal systems, cloud solutions, and service providers. Know what is protected and what is at risk.
  • Prioritize your encryption projects to address the most sensitive and exposed data.
  • Every implementation of encryption needs good encryption key management. Start a remediation plan for any current encryption implementation that fails to properly protect encryption keys.
  • Communicate your security strategy to your customers, employees and stakeholders. Let them know that data protection is important.
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