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Two Factor Authentication on the IBM i - Webinar Q & A Recap

Posted by Michelle Larson on Feb 7, 2014 8:10:00 AM

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) adds a critical layer of security to protect user accounts and prevent fraudulent access that goes beyond password logins.

Have you made time to watch our most recent webinar on Two Factor Authentication? If not, click here to learn more about how 2FA enables companies to increase their security without the high cost of hardware & software integration by using a technology that is already a part of every user’s life, offering a better user experience with little-to-no training required. Also by leveraging your mobile phone as an authentication device, Alliance Two Factor Authentication improves the security of user account access while reducing operating costs typically associated with traditional multi factor authentication methods.  Two Factor Authentication on the IBM i

Here is a summary of the questions asked after the 2FA webinar:

Q: Does two factor authentication integrate into an already existing single sign-on environment?

A: Yes, you can deploy two factor authentication in a single sign-on environment. Alliance Two Factor Authentication runs natively on the IBM i platform, which allows you to use a SSO solution in the IBM i environment and still deploy two factor authentication to the end-user. We implement the second factor authentication on the IBM i platform, which means that we’re not linked to the actual SSO application that might be running on Windows or using an LDAP or active directory implementation. This provides you with better security for those users who are accessing your IBM i platform as it is not possible to then hijack the authentication requests in a PC environment.

Q: What company did you partner with to deliver 2FA messages?

A: Having customers all over the globe, we were very selective in choosing to partner with another company familiar with terms of network availability of two factor authentication. We chose the TeleSign Corporation. Their infrastructure has the ability to detect when SMS text messages may not be delivered, and they will fail-over to other options and take action in other routes. With guaranteed enterprise-level uptime and industry-leading deliverability rates, TeleSign has conducted more than 2.5 billion phone-based authentications and voice verifications around the globe.

Q: In which countries is two factor authentication available?

A: Our partner TeleSign has a strong, mature infrastructure in the European zone, Latin America, Asia, and delivers authentication codes to over 200 countries and that supports 87 languages. They are constantly testing network connections and performance and they've had time to build this very powerful global infrastructure for our Alliance Two Factor Authentication solution.

Q: How long does it take to deploy Alliance Two Factor Authentication?

A: We suggest you test drive our Alliance Two Factor Authentication solution which is available to download from our website. We typically turn around requests for an evaluation license very quickly and can have you up and running the same day. With our complimentary trial, we also provide TeleSign credentials so that customers can actually evaluate two factor authentication on their own systems. We provide you a fully functional 30-day evaluation, yet proof of concept for this application can be done very quickly.

Request your complimentary 30-day evaluation here

Alliance Two Factor Authentication (2FA) 30-day evaluation

We look forward to hearing about how our 2FA solution works for you!

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