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9 Steps to Easy Encryption Key Management

Posted by Liz Townsend on Dec 20, 2012 12:43:00 PM

View Webinar: Encryption Key Management - Easier Than You Think

encryption key management

Listen to this podcast to learn about how easy and afforable encryption key management can be.

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Encryption key management has a bad reputation. How bad? I once heard a SQL Server professional describe encryption key management as so costly and difficult to implement, it is a “nightmare.”  It’s hard to imagine that attempting to simply manage your encryption keys evokes images of terrifying dreams that wake you up at night in a cold sweat. However, for many database administrators who must encrypt data, the idea of incorporating a good encryption key management strategy (dual control, separation of duties, etc.) really does sound like a daunting task. Most DBAs assume that a key management project is time consuming, expensive, incredibly complicated, and requires specialized third-party consultants. Simply getting the encryption key manager up and running is a huge headache.

We don’t believe good encryption key management needs to be difficult. In fact, we believe that good encryption key management should have these 9 easy features:

  1. Easy to Install: A single-use (1U) server plugs right into your IT infrastructure and requires no on-site technician to install.
  2. Easy to Configure: Install your license, certificates and keys, configure options, and start the server all within a standard, secure web browser and administrator console.
  3. Easy to Manage: Operate your console within secure and authenticated TLS sessions, use two admins for dual control, collect logs, manage multiple servers as well as manage local and remote key servers, all through one interface.
  4. Easy to Evaluate: Evaluating a product before you buy shouldn’t be difficult. You should be able to evaluate the product without any hardware on a ready-to-use VMware instance or an internet-based demo server, pre-configured with licenses, certificates, and keys.
  5. Easy on Developers: Developers should be provided with a rich library of documentation and sample code to use in their applications for any platforms that need more development to get key management running smoothly.
  6. Easy to License: You should not need to license every end point that connects to the key server. The cost and complexity of licensing all endpoints is unnecessary and can be a huge barrier to getting data protection up and running quickly across the organization.
  7. Easy to Own: Key management should be affordable to small and mid-sized businesses. The solution should be scalable to each organization’s needs.
  8. Easy to Deploy: Customers should always have access to direct shipping, a simplified order process, remote configuration, and installation services.
  9. Easy to Sell: Integrating a key management solution should be easy for partners and include easy software integration, thorough technical and sales training, multiple support plans, and flexible and tiered solutions!

Looking for key management as easy as this? View our webcast, “Encryption Key Management Simplified - Removing Complexity & Cost” to learn more. Or contact us for a technical overview on Alliance Key Manager, our encryption key manager, with one of our technical sales support representatives.

Topics: Alliance Key Manager, Best Practices, Encryption Key Management

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