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Alliance LogAgent Suite for System Logging on the IBM i

Posted by Liz Townsend on May 23, 2012 1:52:00 PM

Podcast: Better System Logging

system logging podcast

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Townsend Security’s latest version of Alliance LogAgent, Alliance LogAgent Suite, will allow IBM i log agent administrators to stay one step ahead of security compliance regulations. In a recent podcast, Patrick Townsend, Founder & CEO, discussed this enhancement:

Our major enhancement to Alliance LogAgent allows system logging administrators to extend visibility right down to the field and column level, record-by-record, in their databases. With the new features you’ll have the ability to monitor any particular file in order to recognize exactly which fields were viewed or changed by a particular user. The ability to do this is a soon-to-be critical area of compliance. Customers will need to be able to do forensics on access to particular fields in particular records.

European companies have some additional log management compliance regulations that we don’t yet experience in the United States, but these regulations are coming towards us. Advanced system logging on the IBM i is becoming more important than ever. With Alliance LogAgent Suite we give you the option to log the before and after versions of a particular field so you can see if there was a change made and what it was. If the field contains sensitive data, we can also log a secure hashed value of that field in order to keep the field completely secure.

Alliance LogAgent Suite will also let you create white lists of inclusion (people who should be able to see values in the database) and exclusion (who should not be able to see them). We can then log those unauthorized accesses, so that log management administrators don’t need to depend on native object authority on the IBM i. Instead you’ll see record-by-record, column-by-column level access and who has seen data they should or shouldn’t have seen.

We’ll also let you select floor and ceiling values, so that when a value goes over or under a certain amount, Alliance LogAgent Suite will alert you and record the event in a log. For example, a systems administrator at a bank could establish a wire transfer ceiling of $10,000 so that if an employee tried to wire $1 million to Aruba, LogAgent Suite would detect this report this large transfer attempt immediately.

These new features in Alliance LogAgent Suite will substantially improve the security posture of a company using system logging the IBM i. The implementation of LogAgent suite is easier than ever and will help to prepare IBM i users for the evolution of new compliance regulations.

Download a free 30-day evaluation of Alliance LogAgent Suite to start meeting compliance regulations (PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.).  In under an hour, you can start collecting all system logs on your IBM i (AS/400) and converting them to syslog or CEF format for any SIEM or log collection server.

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