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5 Key Questions Before Starting an Encryption Project

Posted by Luke Probasco on Aug 4, 2011 8:23:00 AM


encryption strategies white paper

Download our AES Encryption Strategies: A White Paper for the IT Executive and learn more about deploying an encryption solution.

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Many IT executives are now faced with the urgent need to secure sensitive data on their computing systems in a very short period of time.  Decisions need to be made on what data security solutions to use, which projects need priority, and how to make the best use of available resources. The need to deploy better data security has arisen quickly and many IT executives feel the need for more information.

The data security solutions you select now will be in use for many years to come.  Over time, these solutions will be integrated into almost every major application in your IT environment.  Selecting the right solution now is an important first decision, whether that decision is to develop data encryption capability in-house, or to work with a data security solutions provider.

Here are some key questions to consider when making this decision:

  • Who will be able to provide us with mature guidance on the appropriate use and implementation of encryption?
  • Encryption is a complex technology - do we have the expertise and resources to do this on our own?
  • Data security is incorporated into a number of regulations that control our Enterprise, are we using the right technology to satisfy these regulations? And will our solution help us minimize legal liability?
  • Will our data security solutions easily extend to new requirements? We need to secure credit card numbers today. What about tape encryption, spool file reports, and IFS files? Will our data security technology lend itself to new uses?
  • We transfer data between diverse systems in our internal network, and between customers, suppliers, and employees. Will our solutions meet all of these needs?

For further information and strategies for beginning and encryption project, download our White Paper titled AES Encryption Strategies: A White Paper for the IT Executive.

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