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The Magic at Townsend Security

Posted by Kristie Edwards on May 3, 2011 7:53:00 AM

womens leadership councilThe other night I went to my very first WLC meeting.  WLC is apart of United Way, it stands for Women's Leadership Council.  WLC’s mission is to positively impact the lives of women in our community by promoting self sufficiency and financial stability through philanthropy and community service.

We went around the table and introduced ourselves.  There were many different job titles named;  financial advisor, real estate consultant, partner sales rep, and several others.  After we broke the ice (and secretly judged one another), we touched on all the subjects that women usually talk about, our children, significant others (what they are and are not doing), work and all the other stresses in our lives.   One lady suggested we do something that she does with all of her clients to help get to know them better and asked us, “What is your magic? What is it that sets you apart from everyone else in this world?”  
Well shoot!  What is my magic?  And for that matter, what is Townsend Security’s Magic - what sets us apart from the competition?

Our mission at Townsend Security is to provide our customers peace of mind when it comes to data privacy.  We help them do business securely and provide their customers peace of mind.  The way we deliver peace of mind is our magic, it is what sets us apart from any other encryption and key management company.  Our magic.... drum roll please.... is a combination of innovation, experience and our commitment to be known as more than just a data privacy company.  

Our independently certified solutions are developed by experts. The team at Townsend is well-known and well-respected in the industry. We understand the issues around data privacy and compliance and use that knowledge to create and support our solutions. We believe we should be the experts in data privacy so our customers can be the experts in their own industries. No one wakes up and says they want to start an encryption project and no project is the same - so when the time comes we are ready to listen to the problem that needs to be solved and deliver the right solution

In addition to data privacy, Townsend Security is locally known for its commitment to the community.  We are a proud supporter of the United Way and many other local non-profits.  In fact, we were just named the "2011 Corporate Supporter of the Year for Small Busineses" by the Thurston County chapter of United Way.  It is great to work at a company that not only says they want to make their community better - they actually do it and encourage all of its employees to do the same, this is how I became involved with the WLC, which gets back on track about the question posed to myself that night.   My magic, well.. it is everything WLC stands for a hard working young woman, who is graduating from college, raising a small child and doing it all with a positive attitude.  

The phone is ringing, so back to work I go. Time to share more of that Townsend magic (and my own) with one of our customers.  And if they haven’t read this blog post yet, I’ll send it their way.  We want our customers and our community to know how seriously we take our commitment to providing peace of mind in the solutions we sell and in the service we provide.  We know that everyone has their own magic and brings something unique to the table - let us know what yours is.

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