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[Webinar] Top 3 IBM i Security Priorities for 2017

With Patrick Townsend and Patrick Botz

Webinar.jpgMost IBM i teams run so lean that security decisions often fall to systems administrators. Who on your team has the expertise to analyze risk and drive your information security strategy for 2017?

Two of the IBM i’s most practical security experts — Patrick Botz and Patrick Townsend — join forces to outline a rational approach to keeping your digital assets secure in spite of an increasingly interconnected and insecure world. They will provide tips on how even small teams can proactively identify and manage security priorities.

In this webinar you will learn:
  • The top 3 security tasks that you should be doing — but probably aren’t

  • Tips on efficiently implementing these tasks, including the use of free frameworks and automation

  • How to prioritize your security activities and make more strategic security decisions

  • Examples of where it often makes sense to plan for third-party tools

  • Why SMBs increasingly turn to virtual CISOs to help guide security strategy and tactics