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Protecting Data with vSphere & vSAN Encryption

Use native encryption to protect VMware images and digital assets

VMware virtualization has been a game-changing technology for IT, providing efficiencies and capabilities that have previously been impossible for organizations constrained within a traditional IT data center world. With vSphere version 6.5 and vSAN version 6.6 VMware customers now have the ability to encrypt VMware managed virtual machines and virtual disk.

Join Patrick Townsend, Founder and CEO of Townsend Security, as he talks about how to protect data in VMware with encryption and key management.

Download this podcast to learn about:
  • vSphere and vSAN encryption

  • Deploying multiple, redundant key servers as a part of the KMS Cluster configuration

  • Meeting compliance regulations and security best practices (PCI DSS, GDPR, etc.)