[Webinar] vSphere & vSAN Encryption Key Management

Protecting Private Data in VMware

Webinar.jpgSensitive data stored and processed on VMware virtual machines (VMs) is a critical concern for many customers. VMware includes encryption in vSphere 6.5, making it easy to encrypt private data.  Additionally, VMware has adopted the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) making encryption key management easier than ever.  Join Patrick Townsend as he discusses vSphere’s encryption capabilities and how you can configure it using Townsend Security’s key management server (KMS).
Additional topics will include:
  • vSphere & vSAN encryption capabilities
  • How to interface vSphere and VSAN with key management capabilities
  • Availability, scalability and performance 
  • Choosing a key management server (KMS) that will meet compliance 
  • In-the-weeds presentation of encrypting data and deploying a key manager


VMware Advanced Partner

Townsend Security is a VMware Advanced tier Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and Alliance Key Manager for VMware has achieved VMware Ready status, as well as certification for vSphere and vSAN encryption.