[Webinar] VMware Cloud Providers & MSPs

Serving Customers and Winning New Business with Encryption

Webinar.jpgVMware Cloud Providers and MSPs need to help their customers achieve encryption of VMs and vSAN storage to meet compliance requirements and new regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Typical commercial KMS solutions can be expensive, hard to maintain, and have complex licensing requirements. Legacy KMS systems create a business problem for VMware partners who are growing their businesses, competing with large Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), and conflicting with the VMware partner's business model. View this webinar to learn how to overcome these challenges and offer customers better security with encryption and key management.
Additional topics will include:
  • VMware Cloud Providers and their market
  • The rapidly changing landscape for VMware partners
  • Encryption for business security and regulatory compliance
  • Key management pain points for the VMware Cloud partner
  • How VMware Cloud Providers and MSPs can easily offer their customers encryption and key management

Additionally, we will introduce you to Townsend Security's Alliance Key Manager, their key management server (KMS), and how it can help you win new business with encryption and key management.


VMware Advanced Partner

Townsend Security is a VMware Advanced tier Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and Alliance Key Manager for VMware has achieved VMware Ready status, as well as certification for vSphere and vSAN encryption.