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[Webinar] Top 5 Questions About Encrypting Data on SQL Server

Your Encryption Questions Answered.

Webinar.jpgAlmost every organization has at least one application built on Microsoft’s SQL Server database. Whether you build an application in-house using Microsoft’s development tools or you deploy a software package from a software vendor, chances are that your organization has private information in SQL Server that needs protected.
Join Patrick Townsend for this webinar as he discusses:
  • Using Microsoft Extensible  Key Management (EKM), Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), and cell level encryption 
  • Performance impacts of encryption
  • Managing encryption keys through their entire lifecycle
  • Enforcing dual control and separation of duties for compliance by storing encrypted data away from the encryption keys
  • Compliance-ready encryption for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR

Additionally, Townsend Security will introduce you to Alliance Key Manager for SQL Server.  The solution is FIPS 140-2 compliant and has been QSA validated to meet PCI DSS compliance in VMware and can help businesses meet best practice for securing private data.