Protect PHI & Manage Risk - HIPAA/HITECH Compliance

Would Your Organization Survive a Data Breach?

HIPAA RiskThe frequency of data breaches in healthcare have increased 32% in the past year and cost an estimated $6.5 billion annually.  Fortunately, if you are protecting your Personal Health Information (PHI) with proper encryption and key management, you are exempt from a breach notification. The question is, are you meeting HIPAA/HITECH standards?

Join Patrick Townsend, Founder & CEO, for a 30-minute webcast and learn more about HIPAA/HITECH and what your company can do to avoid a data breach.  Topics discussed will include:
  • Managing your risk of a data breach
  • Achieving breach notification safe harbor status
  • Encryption and key management best practices
Additionally, Patrick discusses how Townsend Security has worked with partners across the globe to integrate encryption and key management in their technologies.

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