Learn about encryption and key management for Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition

Like Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Edition users, Microsoft SQL Server 2019 Standard Edition users can now easily meet compliance regulations (PCI DSS, GDPR, CCPA, etc.) and protect private data like customer PII and intellectual property without modifying existing applications or the database. By using the database’s Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), coupled with an encryption key manager, organizations can protect their private data at a lower cost.  SQL Server Standard Edition users can now deploy TDE encryption without having to upgrade to the more expensive Enterprise Edition. A great win for Microsoft users!
Download this podcast to learn about:
  • Encryption and key management in SQL Server 2019

  • Deploying Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) along with Extensible Key Management (EKM)

  • Encryption key management in the cloud

  • The importance of data security standards