PGP Encryption for the IBM i (AS/400) and IBM z (mainframe)


PGP encryption has become the de facto standard for securing data in motion on the IBM i. It can help businesses meet compliance regulations such as PCI DSS by encrypting credit cards and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in transit to your trading partners and customers.


Listen to the podcast to hear Patrick Townsend discuss:

  • The differences between Open PGP and Commercial PGP
  • Which version a company who faces compliance regulations should use
  • Securing data in motion for meeting compliance regulations
  • How Townsend Security is helping IBM i users secure their data with PGP encryption


Read the blog article which outlines the latest PGP enhancements for the IBM Mainframe architecture, including:

  • Native z/OS Batch operation
  • Support for USS operation
  • Text mode enhancements for z/OS datasets
  • Integrated EBCDIC to ASCII conversion using built-in IBM facilities
  • Simplified IBM System z machine and partition licensing
  • Support for self-decrypting archives targeting Windows, Mac, and Linux!
  • A rich set of working JCL samples

Try it yourself with a 30-day Free Trial of PGP File Encryption on your IBM i or IBM z


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