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Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar - Free Trial -

Detect Threats and Meet Compliance

“Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar gives you a clear ROI. It creates time for your security and audit teams to focus on specific incidents that they can act on, instead of wasting resources on un-important data.”
- Anthony Johnson, Boyd Gaming, IT Security Engineer

Automatically Collect and Transmit System Security Events in Real-Time 

With Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar, security administrators have a tool that can automatically collect system security events (QAUDJRN, QSYSOPR, etc.) and database changes, format them into the IBM QRadar Log Event Extended Format (LEEF), and securely transmit them in real-time to IBM QRadar for consolidation with the security events from other servers.

Secure and Native Integration for IBM Security QRadar 

IBM i customers can achieve significant improvements in IT security when combining Alliance LogAgent with an existing or new deployment of IBM QRadar.  Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar fully supports the LEEF format and IBM i customers can take advantage of QRadar’s built-in DSM support for Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar.  IBM i customers can immediately realize the benefits of QRadar’s real-time monitoring, alerting, and reporting solutions without complex configuration tasks. 

Meet Compliance Requirements

Data security regulations (PCI DSS, HIPAA, FFIEC, etc.) require real-time monitoring of corporate servers for potential security attacks and breaches.  Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar collects all security events, converts them to LEEF format, and securely transmits them to the IBM QRadar SIEM. Enterprises can now bring the IBM i platform into a common strategy for log consolidation and analysis to meet regulatory compliance requirements. 

Ready for Security Intelligence

Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar has been certified as Ready for IBM Security Intelligence and can give confidence to businesses that they are deploying a solution that is compatible with IBM Security QRadar.


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“By receiving logs in the LEEF format, we know exactly what we are seeing. Alliance LogAgent for IBM QRadar is not complicated, anyone can do it, anyone can manage it, it doesn’t take an AS400 master or security person to understand it. It is simple.""