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IBM i, Two Factor Authentication, and PCI DSS

Meet PCI DSS with Mobile-Based Two Factor Authentication on IBM i

PCI DSS requires two factor authentication (also known as multifactor authentication) - something you know and something you have.  For IBM i users, this usually means a password and an authentication code provided by a hardware token or mobile device.  However, hardware tokens are expensive and are frequently lost - and SMS messages to mobile devices have become a deprecated method.
Join Patrick Townsend, Founder and CEO of Townsend Security, as he discusses the PCI recommendations, how to meet 2FA compliance requirements with a mobile based solution, and how Townsend Security is helping IBM i users meet the latest two factor authentication compliance requirements.
Download this podcast to learn about:
  • PCI DSS and NIST requirements for two factor authentication

  • Protecting critical data on the IBM i with two factor authentication

  • Mobile based authentication with Twilio's Authy

  • Introduction to Alliance Two Factor Authentication