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Alliance FTP Manager - Complimentary Test Drive

Secure Managed File Transfer with Automated FTP  


Securely manage data in motion...

Secure managed file transfer allows you to automatically send and receive encrypted files to your trading partners, customers and internal systems using tools like PGP, SSH, and SSL.  Alliance FTP Manager for the IBM i is automatic, flexible, and efficient - and in use by top names in retail, financial, medical and manufacturing industries.  Townsend Security has partnered with Symantec to offer the only commercial and fully supported version of PGP encryption on the IBM i.

Securing files sent over the internet is a business and a compliance requirement. FTP Manager supports major encryption technologies including AES, SSH, SSL, and PGP.

FTP automation improves efficiencies, schedule to send and receive files when your business needs them. Automated encryption and decryption keeps your data safe and ready when needed.

It's easy to meet trading partner requirements when you can receive multiple files from multiple partners using multiple security methods.

Download it, configure it, and send your first encrypted file transfer in about an hour. Sending and receiving encrypted data just doesn't get any easier.

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