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Encryption & Key Management for VMware

The Definitive Guide

Encryption & Key Management for VMware - Definitive GuideWhen it comes to security, VMware is front and center in helping organizations secure their data from threats through encryption and allowing enterprises the ability to manage their own encryption keys with their own key management server (KMS).

To provide insight on how to best deploy encryption and encryption key management in VMware, this comprehensive guide overviews the landscape for securing data in a virtual world.

This eBook discusses:

  • Encryption and key management in VMware

  • Encryption and key management in VMware Cloud (AWS, Azure, IBM, GCP, Dell EMC)

  • vSphere and vSAN encryption capabilities

  • Best practices for key protection

  • Components of a VMware encryption strategy

  • Meeting compliance requirements (PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.)

  • Business benefits of key management

Townsend Security is a VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) and Alliance Key Manager for VMware has achieved VMware Ready status and is certified by VMware for vSphere and vSAN encryption.