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SQL Server Encryption & Key Management eBook

Protecting Sensitive Data in Microsoft SQL Server

SQL-Server-Cover.pngProtecting data in Microsoft SQL Server is a top priority for business executives, security specialists, and IT professionals. Many approaches to encryption do not meet minimal requirements for security and compliance. This eBook looks at various ways to protect sensitive data in SQL Server databases using industry standard encryption and key management.

This eBook discusses:

  • Encrypting private data in Microsoft SQL Server

  • Standards and best practices for key management

  • 5 common levels to deploy encryption and their security implications

  • Encryption and key management in cloud and virtual environments

  • Meeting budget constraints when deploying encryption

Microsoft customers have many choices in how they approach encryption of sensitive data in Microsoft SQL Server databases.  This means that customers can readily find the security they need at an affordable price. Compromises related to performance and key management are no longer necessary, and the maturity of the many vendor solutions takes the risk out of a SQL Server encryption project.