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[Webinar] Compliance Ready Encryption for Financial Services

Protect NPI and PII with Encryption and Key Management

Webinar.jpgAccording to IBM’s recent Ponemon report, the financial industry is one of the hardest hit sectors in data breaches, costing an average of $212 per record. The finance industry is also increasingly being held accountable for the security, confidentiality and integrity of non-public customer information. Encryption, along with key management, is the best way to ensure that private information remains private – even in the event of a breach. According to the FFIEC:


“Financial institutions should employ encryption to mitigate the risk of disclosure or alteration of sensitive information in storage and transit.”
Join Patrick Townsend for this live webinar as he discusses:
  • Meeting data security compliance requirements of PCI DSS, GLBA, EU GDPR, and other compliance regulations
  • Protecting NPI and PII with compliance-ready encryption

  • Encryption key management