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Industry Must-Haves for Effective Encryption Key Management

Posted by Michelle Larson on Aug 7, 2013 6:00:00 AM

Data security has come a long way within just the past few years.  

Information is the lifeblood of business, and strong protection of your customers personalrecords is a constant task since data always gets out. When data is breached, business executives and organizational leaders come under immediate scrutiny for their commitment to secure and protect sensitive data.

Industry Must-Haves for Effective Encryption Key Management This vital information requires continuous and effective protection while it is stored or transferred during any dynamic transaction all the way through to storage, archival, and successive retrieval.

Data security is a daily dilemma for CSO’s, IT & risk management departments, regulatory and compliance auditors. These security professionals are experiencing the ramifications of data breaches due to aging implementations, lack of consistently implemented controls and processes, and risk management evaluations.

Organizations no longer have to continue to maintain current patchwork methods because there are cost-effective, interoperable solutions available that can easily solve their problems and security needs.

Top Three Needs to Solve

  • I need a solution that’s affordable and quick-to- deploy.
  • I need an encryption key manager that distributes encryption keys across all my system platforms.
  • I need an implementation with known costs and no additional professional service or connectivity fees.

When data is accessed without authorization, the details are illegible in encrypted format without access to the secure encryption key.  Encryption key management is essential within an enterprise or cloud-computing environment to ensure protection and privacy for your customers and your business.  Fortunately, encryption and encryption key management are now industry standards and work across both legacy and newer business systems, multi-platform and multi-tenant networks, remote access workstations, geographical offices, data centers, and third-party business partners.

Need to learn more about the principles of effective encryption key management?

  • Encryption Methodology
  • FIPS 140-2 HSM Certification
  • Separation of duties and dual-control
  • Encryption keys (type/size, creation, lifecycle)
  • Authentication options
  • System logging and file integrity monitoring

You are invited to download the latest white paper Industry Must-Haves for Effective Encryption Key Management authored by Joan Ross. Ms. Ross is a well known security expert, who participates and presents at a number of cyber security, key management, and encryption conferences and seminars. She holds numerous security certifications including the NSA IAM-IEM, CISSO-ISSAP, HISP, and FTK.

This white paper will discuss the top three security needs businesses must address. It will then outline how businesses can meet these needs using ‘must-haves’ such as industry standard encryption and key management, key management best practices, and solutions that are easy to use and cost-effective.      

DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER:  Industry Must-Haves for Effective  Encryption Key Management 

The Definitive Guide to AWS Encryption Key Management
Definitive Guide to VMware Encryption & Key Management


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