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The Modern CIO: How to Get Better Answers About Data Privacy from Vendors, Cloud Providers, and IT Professionals

Posted by Patrick Townsend on Aug 3, 2012 9:46:00 AM

AES Encryption Strategies - For the IT Executive

aes encryption strategies

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The last 20 years has seen a dramatic re-alignment of the Chief Information Officer’s (CIOs) responsibilities to match the business goals of their Organizations. The modern CIO is less likely to be a pure technologist, and far more likely to be imbued with a deeper knowledge of business issues such as organizational goals, strategic alliances, bottom line financial analysis, and even with merger and acquisition strategies. In the public sector, this means that CIOs are far more aligned with political and policy goals, and not just minders of the IT infrastructure.

This has largely been good for the competitive stance of business organizations, but I think it has led to some technology blind spots. CIOs today are far more dependent on their vendors, consultants, and shrinking IT staff for guidance on security issues, and data privacy in particular. And in today’s risk environment, that may not be a good thing.  Because when a data breach happens, the CIO is going to be the one on the hot seat to explain the problem and take responsibility.

And that is not a comfortable place to be.  Just ask anyone who has been there.

When CIOs try to assess their data privacy stance, they often question their IT staff questions like this:

  • Do we have our data protected properly?
  • Is our data protected according to compliance regulations?
  • What assurances do we have from software and cloud vendors that our data is protected?

Patrick Townsend recently contributed this article to OneAccord's blog.  To read this article in it's entirety you can visit OneAcord's blog here.  If you are ready to learn more about encryption, download our white paper "AES Encryption Strategies - A White Paper for the IT Executive."

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