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GDPR, Encryption, & Right of Erasure

Meet GDPR with Encryption and Key Management

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is radically transforming the information technology space. Organizations of all sizes and types, and cloud service providers large and small, must adjust to the notion that people now fully own information about themselves.


Join Patrick Townsend, Founder and CEO of Townsend Security, as he talks about how to use encryption and key management to help meet GDPR, the right of erasure, also known as the right to be forgotten, and how to avoid bad key management practices which risk GDPR compliance failures.

Download this podcast to learn about:
  • Data security requirements of GDPR

  • Right of erasure (also known as "the right to be forgotten")

  • Meeting GDPR with encryption and key management

  • The importance of standards and best practices